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Katahdin Sheep
For Sale, Ohio

Our program is focused on developing maternal, easy keeping  Katahdin ewes.  We use selective breeding, proven genetics, and rotational grazing practices to manage parasitic threats among our flock.  Our sheep are raised on pasture but do lamb indoors to diminish the threat of natural and domestic predators to help build our flock by providing high quality replacement ewe lambs and data-backed rams.  We pride ourselves in keeping excellent records and utilizing those records to make the best decisions possible to continue to optimize our flock as well as provide high quality Katahdin seedstock to other farms. 

Katahdin sheep are a popular choice for farmers and ranchers due to their many desirable qualities. They are easy to handle, have excellent maternal instincts, and are resistant to parasites. This breed is also known for its lean, flavorful meat. Katahdin ewes are particularly long-lived and make great mothers, often raising twins or triplets without complications. In addition, this breed is well-suited to a variety of climates and grazing conditions. For all these reasons, Katahdin sheep are a valuable asset to any operation.

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