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Litzenberg Farms

History of Litzenberg Farms

Located in the “Heart of Ohio,” Litzenberg Farms is a sixth-generation family farm that has been operating since 1866. Over the years, our farm has sustained a variety of types of livestock and farming practices, from dairy operations to row crops and hay production. Our family has always been committed to preserving the foundational pillars of agriculture while continuing to build a legacy for future generations.

In 2021, the Litzenberg Farm was designated as both a "Century Farm" and “Sesquicentennial Family Farm” through the Ohio Historic Farms Program. We are proud of our heritage and strive to honor the hard work and dedication of our ancestors by continuing to innovate and adapt to changing times.


We are Growing

In recent years, our focus has shifted towards sustainable and ethical farming practices. In 2011, Richard Jr. moved onto the farm with his wife and now two children. Together, they have been working hard to establish a growing flock of registered Katahdin sheep. This hardy breed is known for its adaptability to various climates, excellent meat quality, and low-maintenance nature. Our Katahdin flock focuses on providing high-quality maternal traits and parasite resilience, ensuring that our animals are healthy and happy.

We also produce quality hay and row crops, and we are committed to ensuring that our farm remains a sustainable operation for both the community and future generations. We believe that by providing our customers with high-quality, locally-raised meat and produce, we are not only supporting our own livelihoods but also contributing to the health and well-being of our community. At Litzenberg Farms, we are proud to continue our family's legacy while embracing sustainable and ethical farming practices for the future.

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